gyd architecture | front elevation finished project
gyd architecture | front elevation with landscaping
gyd architecture | front elevation
gyd architecture | sketches at concept stage

Residential Facelift in Wye

Location: Wye, Kent
Architecture: Residential facelift in Wye

The extension provides the young family with a new enhanced main entrance which incorporates smart storage features and, at a later stage, to transform the living area into an open, inviting space which will act as the ideal place to entertain family and friends. In order to meet the clients’ needs, we aimed to deliver a light, welcoming and airy contemporary house, which would feature a more efficient use of the space. The first stage included extending the access area while providing an adequate space for welcoming guests and storing the prams.

Our process started with the removal of superfluous elements and simplifying the tired and dreary material palette in order to strengthen the architectural presence of the house. It was a clear case of compare and contrast in which more can be achieved through less. This allowed us to reshape the front façade using clean, modern lines to paint a picture that is contemporary, yet traditional and mindful of the surroundings. The sensible blend of conventional materials such as brick, oak panels, natural slate tiles, and large glazed areas also contributed to this effect, while the landscaping elements and the new drive compliment the overall image and the modern architectural feel.

This holistic and practical approach also included increasing the thermal efficiency of the property by installing additional insulation to the upper floor, stripping the roof and re-insulating it, and utilising a completely new heating system.

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